​...."Our firm has used their services for many years.

CER were absolutely on target with cost estimating on Methodist Mission Home campus renovation.  We were the Design Professionals in charge of renovation of 5 existing buildings.  We utilized their services for this long term project for 6 years (2006 - 2012) and every building came in on our expected budgets by using CER up front in the design process.  Their great work was part of the overall success of the long term project.

We are also using CER on a couple of the SASID bond renovation campus projects, and have been very pleased with the work provided.

We highly recommend using CER, and know that they provide timely, and real work that will help on any construction project, new or renovation, size or phasing."

G. Gonzales, RID


​Grace PG Design Group

......"We have completed the Programming and Strategic Plan for this project and are waiting on the County to make decisions regarding the final design.

Penny is the estimating consultant that keeps our design within budget by providing accurate cost estimates at the various stages of the project.  We first had to decide which strategy would best serve the County at the best value for the investment.

Cost Estimate Resources is a valuable member of the team and we look forward to more projects in the future."

J. Carleton, AIA

​Durand-Hollis Rupe Architects, Inc. 

"Cost Estimate Resources was involved in a project for us that required 3rd party estimates be provided to validate the contractor's change orders.  Penny Garner and Ted Garner were both involved in providing the estimates.  We have been very happy with their responsiveness and attentiveness in delivering the estimates in a timely manner.  We had very short deadlines to get our 3rd party estimates completed due to the critical construction timelines and they always met the deadlines.

In addition, their estimates were very well done and easy to follow.  Estimates were itemized and typically included their statement of assumptions which made it much easier to compare with the contractor's change orders.

We have really enjoyed our working relationship with Cost Estimate Resources and recommend them for future cost estimating projects."

J. Garcia

​TTG Goetting

....."RS&H required CER to provide estimates for mechanical and architectural upgrades to a nearly 30 year old passenger terminal building.  The client relied in part on these estimates to set the scope for the project, as the budget was limited to approximately $30 million.  Following the concept estimates and program definition, CER provided estimates for three phases, 30%, 60%, and 80% construction documents.  The 80% submittal was the GMP set for the CMR.  The difference in the estimate provided by CER and the CMR for the GMP was one quarter of one percent (.25%)

RS&H does not hesitate to recommend CER for construction cost estimating work on projects of this magnitude."

P. Hargrove, AIA

Project Manager


........"As architects, we are always tasked with designing within the client's budget and often on a quick schedule.  We brought Mrs. Garner on the project at the owner's request and needed an independent estimate in less than two weeks.  They went out of their way to help us on a tight timeline.

Being on the national historic registry and designed in a Spanish Baroque style, the project at Jefferson was not a simple out of the box estimation process due to the uniqueness of detailing.  In addition to the intricate base scope design, we also had up to twenty alternates to be individually priced.  Mrs. Garner and her team dove deep into the documents, communicated with the design team asking good questions, and were very responsive to our schedule.  At the end of the Design Development phase the owner had to reduce the alternate list.  Cost Estimate Resources and the construction manager at risk were within $1,000 of each other in the overall $25,000,000 project.  The format of the estimates was so clear and easy to read that they were used in the design decision discussions.  This accuracy and clarity gave the design team and the owner the confidence in the scope and budget to make quality decisions on alternate selections."

A. Williams